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    We are a small building outfit based out of Boise. We love the small jobs, but will take a look at anything. Delivering not just a completed project to you, but an experience and reliable go-to option for many of the things you break in your home and/or want to add/remove to/from it. From offgrid tinyhouses & adventure vans to Remodels and wood/metal fabrication- Let's build.


    Servicing the Treasure Valley area.

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  • The Power_House I


    Built with Over 1400 watts of solar PV panels spanning the rooftop. Power is stored in a 200 ah AGM sealed 24v battery bank. Real-time observation of your homes energy production and consumption is visible on a panel. A Nature's Head composting toilet system effectively handles human waste and is a breeze to use. Internal water storage to help guard from the elements- rainwater collection is an option. A 40lb propane tank allows for simple water heat and gas oven use and ease of refill. Also, with the option to plug into city water or run off a 100 gallon water tank, one can place a this tiny home just about anywhere. Lots of off-grid tech here.


    Strait lines, texture, quality woods & metals come together to makeup the modern warmth achieved in the Tankhouse. Choose from Shed or gable style roof. Energy efficient dual burner induction stovetop on steel counter tops as well as a counter-top convection oven. Dimmable lighting throughout.


    Turn all your lights on/off/dim/set timers, unlock your front door, play music- It's all accomplished via a bluetooth connection on your smartphone or tablet. One can also manually operate all of the above.


    Everything is overbuilt. a solid I-beam frame makes up the base of the foundation. A thick 1 1/8" plywood sub-floor tops the rolling foundation. Proper Fire suppression is located on the main level as well as up in the loft. Smoke and gas detectors are in place and lightning grounding for the panels and all high energy equipment including the propane tank/lines is properly ran. Shatter alarmed windows make things awkward for any potential unwanted guests. Schlage smart locking products secure entry doors.

    Other features

    -100 gallons of internal water storage-


    -Ample loft storage

    -6' 7" min of head space below loft

    -Dual swinging french doors

    -28 SEER rated highly efficient mini split heater/cooler that works down to -22 degrees

    -R21 insulated walls

    -Argon filled/Low-E coated windows

    -Above bed skylight

    -USB outlets throughout

    -LED smart TV with digital signal antenna

    -Much more!

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